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About the projects

I'm always intrigued by artists that are beginning their superstar career, young or old.  The following are small shorts showcasing the artist at work and giving their audience a glimpse into the person and the process.

So far, featuring Tobias Tover and Day Schildkret with more to come.

Client: Ongoing

Year Started: 2020

The Visual Alchemy of Tobias Tovera

An exploration of Tobias Tovera's deep connection to nature, process, and art in his latest series. Find more of his work at

Day Schildkret | Morning Altars

Day Schildkret's Morning Altars - Finding beauty and art in the impermanence of nature.

Buy Day's book:

Urban Birch

An introduction to Urban Birch - where science, medicine, and culinary art meet to benefit youth health. Follow the experience at

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